SJSRY Training Form and Notice
Loan Application Form for ISHUP
Tehsildar attaked Zilla Parishad Chairman and senior BJD leader.
Assembly stalemate resolved After four days of noise and stalemate.
Puri-Howrah Express rams into a car before reaching Bhubaneswar Station.
Not throwing garbage in open or outside the bins.
Not littering the roads.
Throwing garbage before the lifting time.
This Organisation was a Municipality ( Berhampur Municipality) till 29.12.08.  By virtue of H & U.D. Department Notification S.R.O. No. 642/2008 Dtd. 29.12.08, this U L B attained and acquired the status of a Corporation ( Berhampur Municipal Corporation ) with effect from 30.12.08 ( from the date of publication of the notification in Orissa Gazette).  The existing territory of Berhampur Municipal Corporation have been shown in the digital drawing available in the website.

Berhampur Municipal Corporation comprises of 34  Revenue Mouzas with an area of 79.80 sqkm and population of 307792 as per 2001 census whereas, the present population ( 2009) has been estimated to be 385356. Out of 34 mouzas, 33 mouzas were previously notified as integral part of the then Berhampur Municipality vide Notification No.2346/LSG, Dtd. 28-2-64 & Village/ Mouza - Ambapua was included in the year 1989 vide H & U.D Deptt. Notification No.29397, Dtd. 21-8-89.

Like other ancient urban centers, Berhampur city is expanding rapidly in a sporadic & haphazard manner.  Due to fund constraints, this U L B is not able to provide the required infrastructure so as to command planned expansions.  However, Berhampur Municipal Corporation is committed to ensure effective planning and development by providing adequate infrastructure through various flagship schemes such as; Road Development Grant, Development of Infrastructure of Urban Tourism Destination, UIDSSMT, BRGF, IHSDP, etc.  The city has a strong positive attitude for its commercial, religious and human resource development activities.

City Planning activities are being looked after by Berhampur Development Authority (B D A). The Master Plan area of Berhampur city comprises of present Berhampur Municipal Corporation area (79.80 sqkm) and 18 nos. of nearby adjoining  Revenue Villages (7.02 sqkm).  Thus the total area over which the Master Plan operates is 86.82 sqkm.  It was approved by the State Govt. Under Section 32 of the Orissa Town Planning & Improvement Trust Act, 1956.  Now, a Comprehensive Development Plan for this City is under preparation by B D A with techno-financial assistance of TCPO, New Delhi.  A City Development Plan (CDP) has also been prepared for this City under the program UNDP- CBDUG- GOI – H & U.D. Department, Govt. of Orissa – SUDA, Orissa, Bhubaneswar.  The CDP has been formulated by ASCI, Hyderabad and it is under active consideration of the State Govt. and Central Govt. for approval and implementation.  In the CDP it has been proposed that about 758 crores of rupees would be required to develop/ improve the services/ infrastructure in 10 nos. of key areas/components. After finalization and approval of the CDP, source of funding would be decided.  The proposed development activities of each financial year alongwith the fund position (availability and required) are also being reported every year since 08-09 in the Draft District Annual Plan of Ganjam ( being prepared and monitored by Planning & Co-Ordination Department, Orissa).